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Why Bali

A Place to Discover

Beyond the perfect waves and the rocky mountains, Bali is an island of cultural abundance that has been preserved throughout the years.

Nestled within a vast tropical country, Indonesia, Bali is home to many temples, earning it’s reputation as the Island of Thousand Temples or Island of the Gods. The enclave’s alluring charms lay in the way Balinese uphold traditions.

While remaining open-minded and adaptable to modern contributions, the locals stay true to their roots. From vibrant offerings decorating the streets in a manner of thankfulness to locals dressed in traditional attire performing religious rituals, every aspect of their life revolves in harmony. If this is your first time and you don’t know what to expect be prepared to blow your mind.

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The Surroundings

Uluwatu Temple

The hilly area of Uluwatu provides a more relaxed region. Covered with lush green trees, Uluwatu has distinguished itself from the more crowded area of the south, with a string of “hidden” beaches lining its rugged coastline. Dreamland and Bingin Beach, to name just two, are beaches that are enjoyed by surfers pursuing the waves, and casual beach-goers attracted to their clear white sand.

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